Solarium International: Where inspiration meets innovation

We are proud of many things here at Solarium International: the quality and value of our products, the excellence of our after-sales service, the expertise and professionalism of our staff, our win-win partnerships with our authorized dealers, and our unflagging commitment to continuous improvement. But what makes us proudest of all is our ability to change our customers’ lives for the better.

Our solariums let you extend your living space and enhance your lifestyle. Our gazebos turn your backyard into an everyday getaway. Our windbreaks protect you from the elements while adding a sleek touch to your décor. Our carports and BBQ shelters are ingenious ways to work around inclement weather without so much as a shrug. Our railings and fences use state-of-the-art innovation to combine safety and functionality with seamless aesthetic design. And all using a polymer technology invented, patented and manufactured right here in Quebec.

The result? Robust, resistant, flexible, durable and attractive products, with the added advantage of a lower price tag.

And that’s not all: our commercial applications are virtually endless in their variety and their versatility. From creating a light-filled dining room for your patrons to showcasing your products in their best light, you can trust the specialists at Solarium International to design and deliver a solution that’s right for you and your business.

Let us show you how Solarium International can make a difference in how you live, play and work every single day.